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Fast SoftwareTechnology


In this modern day Fast Software technology plays a big role. Fast Software technology is used different purpose such as Billing, Production, Manufacturing ,Quality Management, Budgeting. Following Fast Technology related Software are develop in our industry.

  • Fast CRM Software
  • Fast Inventory Software
  • Fast WMS Software
  • Fast Billing Software
  • Fast Task management Software
  • Fast Project management Software
  • Fast Quality management Software
  • Fast Asset management Software
  • Fast ERP Software


Who we are?

We have been providing technology adoption into Retail and Supply chain businesses since 2006, in the form of complete business automation solutions.

Why we are different?

Adopting new technologies and business practices to continuously improve on the value we deliver to our customers We are open and transparent to work with a spirit of collaboration with customers and partners

We are easy to do business

Fast Software products and solutions are simple and intuitive to use


Fast Production Planning & Control provide all kinds of industry with efficient solutions that help them –High production & quality.


- Assure on 24x7 support response
- High Quality Software
- Assure on Product delivery & Professional Services