Process Planning

  • Process planning involves calculating how much product to build and when to build it so that it is ready when it is to be sold.
  • Process planning is planning done to satisfy customer needs in most efficient and effective way with optimum utilization of resources.
  • Process planning is done to produce products at right time with right quality. By planning for production, the risks of building too much product and not having enough completed product are both reduced.
  • Process planning organizes the use of resources--from personnel to materials--so that workplace efficiency is maximized, and production time and costs are kept to a minimum.
  • Process planning is required to make sure that supply is balanced according to the demand. Planned production is an important feature of the small industry.
  • Production control regulates and stimulates the orderly how of materials in the manufacturing process from the beginning to the end.
Process Planning
Process Planning Software

What is Process Planning


In organizations, planning is a management process, concerned with defining goals for company's future direction and determining on the missions and resources to achieve those targets. To meet the goals, managers may develop plans such as a business plan or a marketing plan.
Planning Process can lead to higher Productivity ,higher accuracy,and turnaround for essential business task

Scope of Process Planning

Scope of Process Planning Software

Goal of Process Planning

The goal of process planning is to improve and streamline the business methods of a company. This would have results like:

  • Lower costs, due to fewer staff needed to complete the same process
  • Higher efficiency, by eliminating problematic process steps like loops and bottlenecks
  • Higher accuracy, by including checkpoints and success measures to make sure process steps are completed accurately
  • Greater understanding by all staff of what they need to do to meet their department objectives

Principles of Process Planning

Here are some general principles to keep in mind when evaluating or improving processes:

  • First, define the outputs, and then look toward the inputs needed to achieve those outputs.
  • Define the goals of the process and evaluate them regularly to make sure they are still appropriate. This would include specific measures like quality scores and turnaround times.
  • When mapped, the process should appear as a logical flow, without loops back to earlier steps or departments.
  • Any step performed needs to be included in the documentation. If not, it should be eliminated or documented, depending on whether or not it's necessary to the process.
  • People involved in the process should be consulted, because they often have the most current information on what works and what does not.

Production Planning Solution will Benefit you

  •  Understanding the efficiencies and inefficiencies.
  •  Identify bottleneck and non value added activities.
  •  Balance manpower utilization.
  •  Section wise planning.
  • Optimize supply chain performance.
Plan for Process Planning Software

Process Planning Feature

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  • Simplicity &User Friendliness.
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  • Improve your Productivity by avoiding the repetitive Task.
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