Production Capacity Plannings Tools

Production Capacity Plannings Tools

Fast Production Capacity planning Tools a multiplicity of production elements, ranging from the everyday activities of staff to the ability to realise accurate delivery times for the customer. With an effective production planning operation at its nucleus, any form of manufacturing process has the capability to exploit its full potential.


Production Capacity Plannings Tools are followings

  • Employee scheduling.
  • Enterprise resource planning.
  • Inventory control.
  • Product planning.
  • Project planning.
  • Process planning, redirects to Computer-aided process planning.
  • Sales and operations planning.
  • Estimating
  • Sales Orders
  • Works Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Job Costing
  • Inventory and Stock Control
  • Delivery Recording
  • Quality Management
  • Shop floor/SFDC
  • CRM



  • Logs and tracks all enquiries
  • Multiple prices and quantities per item


Sales order Software

  • Multi-currency orders
  • Multiple delivery addresses


  Suggests Work Order requirements

  • Allows multiple attachment of related files/documents
  • Reports by sales rep, customer, area, customer type.


Produce Work order

  • Automatically produces job cards as soon as the sales order has been entered
  • Suggests Purchase Order requirements
  • Highlights materials outstanding and un-invoiced materials
  • Indicates production status of job
  • Immediate access to job history and performance details
  • Instant Work in Progress valuation
  • Records unplanned material issues and unplanned labour as well as planned work
  • Outstanding order reports by customer, date, status, quantities, time, etc.


Inventory stock control

  • Full Bill of Materials
  • Multi-location stock
  • Quarantine stock
  • Stock movement analysis
  • Re-order level and minimum stock level control
  • Where used reports
  • Allows stock allocation for Sales Orders and Works Orders
  • Automatic stock valuation by category e.g. finished parts, raw material, consumables
  • Stock take import and export facility
  • Batch trace ability


Shop Floor Display

  • Allows job data to be entered on shop floor
  • ″Live″ updates to Job Costing and Job Tracking
  • Incorporates bar-coding
  • Uses low cost terminals or touch screens


Capactity Planning Tools



This is a multi-level BOM with all the parent-child relationships between sales product, produced part and raw materials.This capacity planning tool supports a two- or three-level BOM.  If you have more than three-level BOM, then you need to use exploded demand instead of sales orders.



needs to list all of the operations and work-centers required to do the work to produce each of the finished and produced parts in the BOM.


Work Centers

Work Centers are groups of resources that can each perform the work specified in the routing.  They are resources of labour, machines or a combination of both.


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