Production Planning and Control Software in France


Fast Production Planning Software is the planning of production and manufacturing modules in a company or industry. It utilizes the resource allocation of activities of employees, materials and production capacity.




Production Planning and Control Software in France

Production Planning and Control Software in France

Fast Production Planning Software

  • Forecasting

Before you can plan to assign resources, you have to know how much to produce. The forecasts consist of a target and a possible variation. Production planning focuses on the principle of meeting the target in the most efficient way possible while keeping open the capability to respond to variations in demand

  • Materials

To fulfill your production target, you must have the materials needed to produce the goods on hand. The most efficient production planning keeps the minimum materials in inventory. Production planners evaluate how much material the company needs, the lead times for orders, the delivery times for suppliers and the reliability of the supply.

  • Equipment

The production planner takes into account the capabilities of the equipment used to produce the output. A basic production principle takes the historic output of the equipment, applies a safety factor and uses that to predict actual capabilities. If a production planner foresees a capacity requirement beyond the capabilities of the equipment, he investigates the acquisition or leasing of additional equipment or capacity.

  • Manpower

Manpower planning requires accurately estimating the number of employees required to do the work. A basic principle plans for the number of workers required to fulfill the target and uses overtime and layoffs to compensate for variations.  Manpower planning also uses historical data to adequately project time lost due to sickness and employee turnover.

  • Processes

Effective production planning makes sure that the processes used for the output continue to operate efficiently and safely. Production planning principles require that such procedures are up to date and, if required during the planned production run, the plan allocates the necessary time and resources

  • Controls

A final production planning principle puts in place controls that detect problems as soon as they occur. Verification of inventory, use of qualified suppliers and personnel, standardization where possible and frequent testing of intermediate and final outputs can prevent quality problems and production delays.


Production Schedule

Production scheduling is the activity wherein all the resources that are used for the production activities whether it be raw materials, capital, manpower, logistics and any other activity is allocated on a timescale and the timing of production activities is scheduled.

Product Plan

Fast Production Planning Software involves managing the product's manufacture and development by selecting marketing and distribution approaches, making modifications, setting and changing prices, and offering promotions.


Production Planning and Control Software in France

Production Planning and Control ( Production Planning System)

Fast Production Planning System consist of Planning,Routing,Scheduling,Dispatching and Progressing the Production Process


Production Planning Management function are concerned with decision making regarding


1.What to produce?
Product planning and development, including product design.


2.How to produce?
Process planning, material planning, tool planning etc.


3.Where to produce?
Facilities planning, capacity planning and sub-contracting planning.


4.When to produce?
Production scheduling and machine loading.


5.Who will produce?
Manpower planning.


6.How much to produce?
Planning for quantity, economic batch size etc.


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