Project Management Tools

Project Management Tools

Get real-time dashboards

Your customizable project dashboard tells you at-a-glance whether your projects and your team are on track.


Create Project Plans online

Create monitor and share your Project plans online, with Multiple views for your team. As they Work on Tasks, Your project plan updates automatically in real-time.

Task management

Empower your team with easy task management for all their projects. They can see which tasks they need to do today on their own personal task lists, even if you have them assigned to multiple projects at one time.

Produce instant reports

Create executive-ready status reports with the push of a button. You can export and share your reports as a PDF, Word or Excel file..

Timesheets that save time

Our complete time-tracking and project management system means timesheets can be auto-filled with last week’s tasks, for fast, easy timesheets for team

Manage Team Workload

It’s never been easier to manage your team’s workload across all your projects.Glance if the right resources have the right amount of work and you can run instant reports to drill down into balances.

Manage Multiple Projects

You can manage your team, tasks and more across multiple projects. With our project and portfolio management features, you’ll get real-time business intelligence across groups of projects and across the enterprise.

These tools can be specifically designed tools or regular productivity tools that can be adopted for project management work.

The use of such tools usually makes the project managers work easy as well as it standardizes the work and the routine of a project manager.


This Project Management Tools also used it.

  • Gantt Chart.
  • Logic Network
  • PERT Chart
  • Product Breakdown Structure
  • Work Breakdown Structure


Project Management Methodologies

  • The Agile Project Management Process is a value-centered methods of project management that allows projects to get processed in small phases or cycles.
  • PERT
  • Adaptive Project Framework.
  • .Extreme Programming (XP) ...


Project Management Process


The process of directing and controlling a project from start to finish may be further divided into 5 basic phases:

  • Project conception and initiation. ...
  • Project definition and planning. ...
  • Project launch or execution. ...
  • Project performance and control. ...
  • Project close.


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