Production Planning Solution

Solutions of Production Planning Control Shop Floor Display

Shop Floor Display

  • Daily schedule report
  • Order status report
  • Detailed order report


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Solutions of Production Planning Control Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning

  • More Accuracy
  • High Speed
  • Inventory Control
  • Low Cost

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Solutions of Production Planning Control SMS Email Alert

SMS/Email Alert

  • Fast Decision Making
  • Time Consuming
  • Proper Communication
  • Fast Production Process

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Solutions of Production Planning Control Mobile Application

Mobile Application

  • Production data entry
  • Daily schedule report
  • Order status report
  • Detailed order report

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Solutions of Production Planning Control Web Application

Web Application

  • Visibility on every scheduled process
  • Finite capacity planning and scheduling

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Solutions of Production Planning Control Work Status Report

Work Status Report

  • View Actual Production Status .
  • Easy To Access

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Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity


Improve your Productivity and improve every aspect of your business Employees are happier as Process run more efficiently .customer get better and on time deliveries .

Proper Communication Channel

Proper Communication Channel


In PPC Software Proper Communication through SMS/Email Alert & Task management Software With Customer.

Detailed Work Process information availability

Detailed Work Process information Availability


Detailed Work Progress information available through work in Progress monitoring. Production Planning Software Helps to Track/monitor the current order work in progress Machine/department wise track of material movement along with real time work in progress costing.

More accurate delivery commitment

More Accurate Delivery Commitment/On Time Delivery


Production Planning Software allows to define the estimated delivery dates based on the order status tracking ,correct estimate for time & delivery ensure the customer satisfaction ,reliability & delivery of products.

Cost Monitoring Control

Cost Monitoring & Control


In any organization, major cost is incurred during the production process. Hence major attention of management is needed for control of production cost. The objective of Fast PPC Software is to develop a costing system that can provide cost information throughout the whole production process and that can be used for cost control.


Fast PPC helps you for analysis between actual cost and standard cost or budget cost. Variation analysis breaks down the variation in the costs into various components such as volume variation, material cost variation, and manpower cost variation etc. This helps the management to understand which factor is affecting most for the cost variation with the planned cost and in turn helps in taking appropriate corrective action to correct the situation.

Machine Wise Work in Progress

Machine Wise Work in Progress


Make smarter planning decisions, and ensure critical resources are available to meet production schedules. You'll have access to current, accurate Work-in-Process information at a granular level instead of the summary data provided by Fast PPC Software.

WIP Traceability captures the relevant data as part of the lot history including:

- Batches/serial ID of material components used and replaced

- Operator who worked on the lot

- Machine/tool ID used in the process

- Defect/rework breakdown

Control on rework & rejection work

Control on Rework & Rejection work


Control Rework & Rejection work through Machine Stoppage Analysis, Machine Shortage Analysis , Machine Requirement Analysis. &Task Management.

inventory level

Only Required Material is Ordered Reducing Inventory level & Investments


Fast PPC software enables your business to track inventory levels and movements in your inventory or stock room by item, serial number, or lot number. With full visibility into your entire incoming and outbound inventory, you can make better decisions to maintain dynamic stock levels that meet the demands of your customers and usage.

identification of bottlenecks in workflow

Immediate identification of Bottleneck in Workflow


There is always one part of the process that is the slowest, and it may change as the production line adapts.Production Planning Software helps you to identify the bottlenecks that are slowing down your production line, you can speed up the production and increase productivity on the shop floor.

Improve Profitability

Improve Profitability


In Production Planning  Improve Profitability Through Proper Process Planning ,Task & Budgeting Planning.

Proper Management Optimum Utilization of Resource

Proper Management/Optimum Utilization of resources


Every business has limited resources to meet customer demands. Resources include your machinery, inventory, human capital, processes and technology. If these resources are not utilized to their full potential, it affects your quality and increases cost of production. A business serving multiple customers often switches its production modes. It means you have to constantly realign your equipment configuration besides reducing downtime. ERPs help you to follow the best possible solution depending upon the customer that may include producing it yourself, subcontracting or purchasing it.In PPC Software Through Proper Planning  for Material ,Machine,Resource Cost & Time.

Planning Software Solution