Task Management Software

Task Management Software

Task Management Flow

Task Management Flow

Task Management Software That Helps individuals & Business effectively organize their tasks .with a simple to use interface users can begin scheduling ,assigning & creating task minutes. no learning curves,no lengthly user manual.& no training sessions are needed.

Task Management -Progress at a Glance

Calender View in Task Management Software
Task Updation in Task Management Software
Activity History in Task Management Software

Calender View

Glance at your tasks spreaded on an intuitive calender view to help you organize tasks in an effective way.

Task Updation

Update task activities in a jiffy with details  Such as Start & End time date & Time.You can also Attach files related to the activities done.

Activity History

Every activity in Task management software is captured and recorded.User can filter by date, Status, Priority etc.

Task Management Features

prioritize tasks
Manage Task
Monitor Work Completion
  • Organize, assign and prioritize tasks.


  • Timely reminders to make employees more productive.


  • Manage tasks more effectively.


  • Communicate tasks with employees and take follow up.


  • Share and manage documents centrally.


  • Get instant reports for all employees on a single screen.


  • Monitor the work completion and balance work.


Task Management Benefits

  • Increase employee and employer satisfaction.


  • Improve productivity of workforce.


  • Save time on routine work.


  • Faster delivery of desired tasks.


  • Boost management effectiveness.


  • Minimize employee’s idle time.


  • Ease communication between colleagues.


Task Management Benefits

Productivity in Your Pocket

Mark Daily Attendance
Daily Task Reporting
Create & Update Task

Manage your to do list ,assign tasks & get real -time updates on your projects- anywhere, anytime, on your Android device .you'll never lose track of your tasks again



Task Manager


Advantage Of Task Management

  • Reduce Paper work
  • Set Priorities of Task
  • Get alerts & never forget any Task
  • Manage your contact
  • Monitor work completion & balance Work
  • Easy to use .Very user Friendly
  • Can be Operated from multiple locations
  • Create tasks with a click of a button
  • Plan tasks more efficiently
  • Follow up of tasks easier