Work Status Report


A work status report is a kind of report that reflects the status of a certain Production work or project. The status includes details on the work progress, plans or goals.

Process Status -MIS Report

Project wise status
Machine Wise Status
Process wise Status
  • Order/Project wise status


  • Process wise status.


  • Daily status updation reports.


  • Shift wise status reports.


  • Machine wise status reports.


  • Rejection analysis
Process Status - MIS Report
Pending OA Report

How to do a Work Status Report


Status report is a good way to effectively inform team mates or supervisors on the work accomplishments, plans, and conflicts.

It is important to include the name of the person who prepared the report as well as the date when the status report was made. The name and the date can be included in the subject line if the work status report is to be submitted via e-mail. A work status report includes three things: accomplishments, goals, and problems.

Plan vs Report

Advantages of doing Work Status Reports

Production Operator will quickly know what is happening in the team and the project at a glance with the help of work status reports. Tasks that are overdue or delayed can be easily identified. Also, Operator contribution as well as task completion can be monitored while identifying operational inefficiencies.


Work status reports increase the productivity of the team. The focus of the team can be enhanced by ensuring that the plans that are set by the members adhere with the goal of the company. Also, the reports help the team to manage tasks according to priority and accomplish them in a timely manner. Also team performance can be evaluated by work status reports.


The team can also make better decision based from the information in the work status report. The decision is more reliable since it is data-based and not gut-based. In addition, work status reports provide an effective communication among operator.